Over the past decade we’ve guided over a 1500+ clients through deep immersive retreat experiences. We’ve learnt and grown alongside our clients. Now we’re upping the ante with a retreat experience that is the culmination of the past decade observing and guiding leaders of life!


Husband and wife team Pat and Kate Reardon are the co-founders of Natural Instinct Healing, an internationally acclaimed and award winning private Detox, Health and Wellness retreat centre, and a growing community of amazing humans committed to living their full potential. Both experts in their fields with years of experience, they have helped thousands of people from all walks of life, guiding them into states of health, happiness and freedom. 

Kate is renowned for her ability to support transformation of the mind, body and spiritual health, with her work being shared globally across a wide audience. And years in the industry has seen Pat guide and support clients through immersive experiences while providing the tools and resources they need to make conscious lifestyle choices once returning home.



Author, Speaker, Qualified practitioner of Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine, Intuitive Metaphysical Healer & Yoga Teacher

Together, Pat and Kate will take you on a journey of body, mind and soul – helping you to relax, rejuvenate, reboot and reach for your peak potential.



Speaker, International Business Degree, Work & Lifestyle Integration Specialist, avid Surfer, and a self-confessed Peak Flow-state enthusiast.

industry EXPERTS to guide you…

We’ve also reached out to the best of the best from our global network of experts… and they’ll be here in Bali to support, educate, and empower our Elite Retreat guests. During the ‘visioning’ stage of creating this Experience we dreamt of having the ultimate team of pioneers in their fields of expertise to deliver immense value to our clients. And they’ll be here. For you. To expand your future.




Jungian therapist & renowned author. A popular teacher, Jeremiah is considered a leading expert on the human shadow. He is a pioneer in the field of breath work innovation and consciousness research, going back over 35 years. Jeremiah has the unique ability and expertise to 'unpack' client's stories and through the use of breath find what is up for healing.



Mel is a People-Planet-Profit driven business & leadership coach, consultant and project manager. Mel's mission is to support leaders by delivering unique models of mindful leadership, emotional intelligence, and sustainable human capacity. Creating internal and external environments for our clients to seize opportunities for personal and professional success.

More world class experts announced soon!

“This is the best gift that you could give yourself and your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it. The setting is a little paradise and the perfect place to unwind and focus… and Kate and Pat are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet and they go above and beyond.”
– Sally Godfrey, Australia

“I have found this retreat profound in what it gave me physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I feel very inspired in what I have learnt and look forward to working with many of the key principles in my daily life.”
– Jane Scanlon, Australia

“I came without expectation and I’m leaving with a greater appreciation of self-care and nutrition. The entire staffs are available, friendly and supportive. You will find all your needs met as you go on this journey. Once you gain awareness you don’t lose it – you can only choose to ignore it!”
– Cory Kelly, USA


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia

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