the elite
bali retreat

For those who know the best way to shape the external world, is to work on their internal world.

March 30 - April 3, 2019








We created this for you.

The Elite Bali Retreat is a unique experience hosted at our private boutique retreat centre in Ubud, Bali, designed for you – the leader searching for the clarity and peace of mind needed to perform at your physical, mental and spiritual best.

The Elite Retreat is for those who’ve seen the value in what happens when they step out of the rat race and into themselves. Those who understand the importance to being able to tune in to their intuition.

At this ​private ​retreat ​’container’ held by experts, you’ll be surrounded by other game-changers all exploring your limitations and defining your true potential. ​You’ll have exclusive one-on-one coaching tailored to suit the individual client that teaches you how to let go and rewire old negative patterns and beliefs​;​ interpret the body’s intelligence​;  dive into untapped potential through unique psychosomatic meditation techniques; and, above all else, connect the​ mind’s intelligence with the heart’s wisdom.

We also incorporate private personalised support post-retreat to help you integrate your new-found mental, physical and spiritual health into your home life.

…because we want to help you step into your full potential – and stay there…

elite experiences

These Elite Experiences are all inclusive within the retreat:

  • Breathwork Dreamtime Journey – Guided by a pioneer in the field of breath work, the journey will serve as a laboratory to retrieve what is up for healing and exploration now for you.
  • Private Sessions – Private health and healing sessions tailored to the individual client to facilitate breakthroughs.

The Elite Retreat is 5 full days starting at 9am on March 30th and finishing on April 3rd at 9pm. Free accommodation for guests is included (if wanted) for the evenings before and after the program.

We’re working at the outer edges of performance, health and mindset therapies to deliver our clients their own edge!

The method

You’ll explore the mind, body and spirit connection and learn how to harness your inner potential.

Physically we’ll teach you to rebalance your nervous system and boost your immunity with the right nutrition and by tuning in to your biorhythm.

Emotionally we’ll support you to let go and rewire old negative patterns by exploring the light and dark shadow of your human nature.

Spiritually we’ll immerse ourselves in the Balinese culture and through ritual and ceremony we will reconnect with your soul’s purpose.

Together we will navigate the upper limits and outer edges of your potential with integrity and ease in order to realise self-actualisation. 



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