Elite ExperienceS

Holistic retreat experiences crafted by experienced professionals for high performing individuals, leaders and teams who understand the value of performing at their physical, emotional, and mental best. 

The Experience

The Elite Retreat is a unique experience designed for you… the high-performing individual searching for the clarity and peace of mind needed to perform at your physical, mental & spiritual best.

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Spend 4 full days with our leading experts building the understanding and tools it takes to stay grounded and focused in your daily life, make self-care a priority, and maximise your energy efficiency and creativity. To apply please follow the link and submit your application.

The Approach

You’ll explore the mind, body and spirit connection and learn how to harness your inner potential. We’ll teach you to how to let go and rewire old negative patterns and beliefs​;​ interpret the body’s intelligence and biorhythm​; dive into untapped potential through unique psychosomatic meditation techniques; brain mapping; breath-work and, above all else, connect the​ mind’s intelligence with the heart’s wisdom.

Listen to what professional athlete Mark Visser had to say about his recent Elite Retreat Experience below…

The Result

Gain a holistic approach to living and working that helps you reach your peak potential.

Simple. Powerful.

We also incorporate private personalised support post-retreat to help you integrate your new-found mental, physical and spiritual health into your home life, because we want to help you find your peak performance state – and stay there.

Relax. Rejuvenate. Reboot.

Together we will navigate the upper limits and outer edges of your potential with integrity and ease in order to realise self-actualisation. Rejuvenate yourself, then get back to the real world and thrive!



I came here searching for a breakthrough without the tools to get there.  I was welcomed like a friend had arrived, nurtured, and fed well. Then the work began and through the process, I re-found myself. I found clarity, presence and a plan. I feel like I’ve been given a clean slate to start again with all the support I need to thrive. I am forever grateful.

- Jennifer Cairlo, Financial Adviser

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We combine the best of modern science with ancient mystique on our programs… but for connecting with clients we’re still a little old fashioned – we like to talk on the phone! Reach out to us on either phone number below. Anytime. From Anywhere.


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